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The Back Story

Hi! I'm Sapi and welcome to Silks & Stripes. 

Silks & Stripes was born out of sheer love for fashion and a keen eye for colours and details. Following, my own wedding in 2016 my bridal looks at the time went a little viral, to the point where even now people recognise me as "That Bride" many years on. If you ask me what it is that was so special about my looks, I would say I truly felt unique and was able to reflect who I was through my choices.

Why Silks & Stripes you may wonder? My love for silks has been long woven through my Tamil heritage; my love for stripes was born from being French and my love for Fashion grew in London!

Having a full time professional career in Finance, Silks & Stripes started as a creative outlet to be able to create looks that would inspire people. After having worked with over 50 vendors on numerous styling projects, I have decided to extend this service to the many out there that could do with a hand in helping them not only look their best but feel their best on any given occasion.


My motto is choose your looks wisely, the devil is in the detail! Especially for brides to be, no matter how grand you decide to go with the venue, décor, videographer, photographer and makeup artist, remember that they can only work with you have already chosen. Don't forget it is your portraits that will forever hang in your homes rather than those big flower vases you instead decided to splurge on!


From personal experience, I struggled when shopping and deciding on my wedding looks with only my mother, mother-in-law and fiancé at the time to give me a second opinion, which you can imagine is not always the ideal situation. The lack of guidance or a professional eye and opinion would have been invaluable then. Furthermore one's fear of getting it wrong on one's big day, as a guest to an important event or as a vendor putting a shoot together can be overwhelming. Through Silks & Stripes I hope to guide and help you navigate what can be a daunting feeling when shopping or styling for a special occasion or shoot. 

If this is something you can relate to, like my previous work and would like to explore options, why don't you book a free introductory call to find out if I am the right fit for you.

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